After seeing Tom Brady and New England Patriots Training Camp 2010, my mom treated Ric, Amanda and me to lunch at Bar Louie which is located at Patriot Place. Bar Louie is a very wheelchair friendly and accessible restaurant with only a few obstacles. Upon arriving we noticed the outdoor dining area only has tall bar/style tables that are not accessible yet were pleased to find plenty of accessible tables inside.

There are two sets of double entry doors which are not automatic but wide enough to fit your chair. The first sets of doors were left open yet the second set of doors was closed so Amanda held it open while Ric pushed my manual chair inside.

Once inside we were warmly greeted by a very nice hostess. She showed us to an accessible table which was of a perfect height for my chair. The dining room inside Bar Louie has tall bar/style tables which are not accessible yet there are plenty of tables that are fully wheelchair accessible in all areas of the restaurant. One dining area even has an accessible ramp with railings on both sides for a customer in a wheelchair to access this area.

Bar Louie specializes in oversized sandwiches, a wide selection of appetizers, martinis, and an assortment of beers. I had a sip of an apple martini and it is delish’. Our waitress was very friendly, kind and courteous. Our meals were delicious and the service was fantastic.

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The bar is not wheelchair accessible for it is too high for me to reach. Large flat screen TVs placed on the wall above the bar are easy to see from most tables. The ADA does not require a bar to be wheelchair accessible if an accessible table is adjacent to the bar. Yet I think all bars should have an accessible area for a customer in a wheelchair to sit and enjoy a drink like all other customers can choose to do.

We saw an elevator and asked our waitress where the elevator takes you; she told us that Bar Louie also has a roof top that has a bar, accessible dining tables and offers a full menu. It was closed when we were here probably because it was too hot yet it would be a great place to enjoy a meal, especially if the NE Patriot’s were playing because you can see the field of Gillette Stadium from here.

The restrooms are easy to access for there is no door to open. Once inside I found it to be spacious and fully ADA compliant. The faucet, soap and hand towel dispenser are automatic and easy for me to reach.

Bar Louie offers a $2.00 burger every Tuesday night from 5pm until close. The burgers are delicious and for $2.00 it is well worth the trip and you’ll love the atmosphere too.

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I give Bar Louie THREE STARS for wheelchair accessibility. In order to earn the other Two Stars they would need to install automatic entry doors so a person in a wheelchair can enter and exit independently; lower a section of the bar to an accessible height so a customer in a wheelchair can sit at the bar and enjoy a drink; and place a few wheelchair accessible tables on the outdoor patio. Our waitress deserves FIVE STARS for great and friendly service and the atmosphere at Bar Louie is certainly deserving of FIVE STARS. I really like Bar Louie!