My friends and I were recently traveling along the Historic Plymouth Waterfront when we saw Brewster Gardens so we took a wheel/stroll through to see if it is wheelchair accessible and were happy to see that Brewster Gardens is fully accessible. I’ve been coming to Plymouth for many years and only recently discovered Brewster Gardens.

Brewster Gardens was formerly called Elder Brewster Gardens. The park is fully accessible with no obstacles to overcome. It was relaxing and brought on a bit of history too. Brewster Gardens runs along Water Street which is on the Historical Plymouth Harbor. There is a plaque written by Governor Bradford honoring Mr. William Brewster, a famous Governor at the time, for being wise discrete, well spoken with a very cheerful spirit.

There is a statue in memory of the immigrant settlers for building such a robust and hospitable community and a water fountain with a statue dedicated towards the courage of the a Pilgrim Maiden. As I wheeled along through the park it seemed to be much longer that I expected and even more gorgeous as I traveled deeper into it.

There is a bridge you can take to the towns brook and to a nature trail that leads to the historical site of the Jenney Grist Mill. Along this nature trail we traveled through tunnels and beautiful gardens and all are wheelchair accessible. There is even a curb that was built to prevent a wheelchair from wheeling into the brook.

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I saw a Herring Run that is located in the back of Jenney Grist Mill that I’m sure would be a wonderful site to visit when the Herring are actually running. We finally reached the Mill and were happy to see that there is a beautiful garden with an accessible path throughout.

An ice cream shop is located on the side but it was closed due to the time of year. We finally reached the front of Jenney Grist Mill but found it is closed at this time of year. In front is a torture device where someone would be locked in place by there wrists and neck facing the public as to be a mockery. Tony volunteered to get into the device and we got lots of laughs at the mercy of all his wrong doing. LOL! We will do an accessibility review of Jenny Grist Mill when it opens in the spring.

I give Brewster Park FIVE STARS for wheelchair accessibility. Brewster Park is a beautiful place to visit to get in touch with nature and an inexpensive way to spend a beautiful and warm sunny day. I’m sure it is even more beautiful in the spring and summer when the flowers in the gardens are in full bloom!

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