Every Christmas season, I love to visit the beautiful La Salette Shrine in Attleboro to see the beautiful Christmas displays and all the lights. Wednesday evening, Amanda, Ric and my roommate Josh and I all headed to La Salette and as usual had a wonderful time. We highly recommend visiting during the festive holiday season.

La Salette Shrine is open year round. During the Christmas Holiday season it has over 300,000 lights lit up throughout the ten acres of land. It is absolutely beautiful to and it is FREE for everyone to see!

La Salette Shrine is fully wheelchair accessible except for the beautiful scenes at the top of the Holy Stairs. The two scenes you miss seeing are glorious! One scene is about the story of La Salette and another scene is of the Virgin Mary appearing to two small children. You can see these scenes in our video.

All the walkways are wide and the pavement is cement so wheeling around is easy. There are a lot of grounds to cover; I recommend bringing a power chair or a friend to push your manual chair. The Holy Cross Pond has a wide sidewalk all around the pond which makes for great wheelchair access. There are different biblical readings that are nice to read.

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The Nativity Scene is magnificent! It is fully wheelchair accessible and easy to see from your chair. It is set in a barn like structure filled with hay. A live donkey is kept here as well. The Stations of the Cross are set along a walkway and all lit up and easy to view and the fountains are colorful and beautiful too.

The Church at La Salette is always open and it is very accessible and beautiful inside. Masses are said at different times of the day so if you want to attend a mass you should check on the schedule on their website listed above. The Chapel of Lights is fully accessible so you can light a candle in memory of a loved one.

There is a building where great Christmas concerts are held during the Christmas season; and attached is a chapel which has beautiful Nativity Scenes displayed from all over the World! My favorite was from the North Pole!!

There is another building which has a gift shop and a cafeteria which is fully accessible; the entry door is even automatic; the food is good, especially the Hot Chocolate which helps to warm you up on a cold December night. The wheelchair accessible restrooms are spacious and fully ADA compliant as well.

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This year we took a video of all the magnificent lit up Christmas scenes at La Salette. The lights are beautiful and light up the entire area. I especially love the huge tree covered in doves all lit up. Hope you enjoy watching our video!

Once again I give La Salette Shrine FOUR STARS for wheelchair accessibility. In order to earn the Fifth Star they would need to install a wheelchair lift at the Holy Stairs so visitors in wheelchairs can see the scene of the the story of La Salette and of the Virgin Mary appearing to two small children.