My friends and I stopped for lunch at the Ninety Nine Restaurant in Fall River today and decided to do a wheelchair accessibility review while we were there.There are three handicap parking spaces up front next to the main entry door.

On the other side there are three Ninety Nine to Go parking spaces. An employee told us that anyone can order take out by phone and in 20 minutes a waitress will bring the take out order to your car and you can pay right at your car. This is a great service for someone in a wheelchair who wants to order a take out meal and not have to get out of your vehicle.

There are two separate entry doors you will need help with opening for neither door is automatic. Once inside you will find a hostess at a counter and there is a lounge/bar area directly in front of the main entry doors. The lounge/bar doesn’t have any wheelchair accessible seating for it is just a high bar with high stools and two very tall bar tables with tall chairs off to the side.

There are two dining rooms, one on each side of the main entry doors. The one to the left is in a décor like Fall River Textile Mills. This dining room has all booths and one booth is wheelchair accessible because they removed the bench on one side so a wheelchair can fit in with ease. The dining room to the right has a décor like Boats and Water. There are only booths in this room but two of the booths are wheelchair accessible.

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The restroom has a large handicap stall with all the safety bars needed. The sinks are accessible but don’t have the ADA required protective covering around the pipes. The soap dispenser is placed in a reachable place and is automatic which is a nice feature for me since I can only use one of my hands.

The menu has a large variety of dishes and the food is very good. Our waitress was very kind and friendly. She took the time to listen to me when I placed my order.

When we were leaving it was raining heavy and a nice hostess came to me with an umbrella and followed me all the way with holding the umbrella above my head until I got into my van. WOW. This is so very nice and thoughtful of her to do.

I give the Ninety Nine Restaurant THREE STARS. In order to earn the other Two Stars, they would need to install automatic entry doors, add a wheelchair accessible table in the lounge area and cover the exposed pipes under the accessible sinks in the restroom. I give the employees I met at Ninety Nine Restaurant FIVE STARS for kindness and sensitivity.