After my therapy session in the Healthtrax Therapy Pool and Steam Room, my friends and I stopped at Old Country Buffet in North Dartmouth. I was pleased to see that Old Country Buffet is very wheelchair accessible. There’s nothing like the gym to help burn all the holdiday calories:)

You’ll have no problem parking for there are plenty of handicap parking spaces located near the entry door. Old Country Buffet has two separate doors for entering and exiting the restaurant. You will need help with both entering and exiting for none of the doors are automatic. The first entry door leads you into an L-shape foyer and the second door leads you into the restaurant. I found the exit was easier for it is only one door with direct access to the outside.

Once you enter you will be greeted by a hostess who is standing behind the cashier counter. This counter is a perfect height for any size wheelchair. You pay for the buffet before you eat. The dining area is very spacious and easy to maneuver your wheelchair around. I found the tables to be a perfect height as well as the buffet table where you choose your food.

The beverage service station is not wheelchair accessible for the cup dispenser and milk dispenser are set up too high and I was unable to reach without help from my friends.

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I found that the restrooms are very wheelchair accessible with an accessible sink; all ADA required safety grab bars and the soap and towel dispenser are of reach for me from my wheelchair. The accessible sink has the ADA required protective covering around the pipes as well.

I give Old Country Buffet FOUR STARS for wheelchair accessibility. In order to earn the Fifth Star they would need to install automatic entry /exit doors and place the beverage counter at a wheelchair accessible height so that all can independently get their drink.