My crew and I decided to go exploring on Monday which was a cloudy, wintry day! Yikes, I thought it was spring not old man winter! Ha Ha! Oh well. My crew and I went to see the new movie Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay at The Wareham Flagship Movie Theatre. Just wanted to tell Kenny thanks for the great tidbit! My crew and I give the overall rating of the movie theatre a big fat THREE STARS for wheelchair accessibility.

The entrance to the theatre was wide enough for my wheelchair to get through the doors. However, this movie did not have automatic doors which was a bummer. This would of definitely have earned them an extra star in my opinion. Also, if the movie theatre was advertising that it was handicap accessible, the front entrance doors had no handicap stickers that were apparent. As we proceeded to the first ticket booth, a girl saw us waiting and directed us to the snack bar for our tickets. The girl that assisted us with our tickets was polite.

After the tickets, we entered the movie in hope of a lot of good belly laughs! When we walked into the movie, it was pitch black with no lighting for us to see. We backed out of the movie to make sure we were in the correct room. Sure enough, we were in the right room and somebody turned on the lighting for us. It would have been nice if somebody could have given us some sort of direction.

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Oh well, my crew and I were thrilled that we had the whole place to ourselves!! The seating was awesome because it had room for me and my two companions. We could even talk during the movie. : ) The movie was awesome definitely five stars everybody! It was a positive experience with a few minor adjustments it could easily reach a full five star rating.

I give the Wareham Flagship Theatre THREE STARS. They could earn the other Two Stars if they installed automatic doors at the entry, place handicap signs where it is handicap accessible and kept lights on in theatre until movie began so person’s with disabilities could safely get seated and comfortable in their seats before the movie started.