On our way traveling to the gym, my friends and I stopped for lunch at USA Breakfast and Lunch in Freetown and were disappointed that it is not very wheelchair accessible. Handicap parking spaces are located close to the entry door. There are two sets of entry doors you will need help with opening for neither are automatic. Once inside I saw that the restaurant is small and I found it tight to maneuver around some of the tables because they are too close together. I finally did make it to a table and found it is of a perfect height for me to sit comfortably in my wheelchair.

The booths in this restaurant are not accessible because your wheelchair would stick out into the aisle and block access for others. Another section of this restaurant is not accessible either for it has a high countertop with high seats. A television in located on the wall in this section but not in the main dining area.

I found it difficult to access the hallway leading to the restroom because there was child booster seat stored on the side wall. My friends had to move the booster seat out of the way so I could get into the restroom. The restroom is spacious with plenty of room to maneuver your wheelchair around. The toilet and required safety bars surrounding it are at a perfect height. I found the accessible sink to be a good height too but the pipes underneath are not covered as is ADA required. The mirror is too high for me yet the soap and towel dispenser are at a reachable height from my wheelchair.

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The cashier counter is too high for me to pay my bill so my friends handed the cashier my money for my meal. Overall our food and service was really great. The waiter and waitress were very attentive, kind and respectful. This restaurant also has a drive-thru window so you can pick up your food to go.

I give USA Breakfast and Lunch TWO STARS for wheelchair accessibility. In order to earn the other Three Stars, they would need to install automatic entry doors; space out some of the tables so it is easier to wheel around; remove the child booster seat from the hallway leading to the restrooms; lower a section of the countertop and lower the cashier counter.