I volunteer at the Windsor Nursing Home and I find it very wheelchair friendly with only a few things that I believe they need to do to make it fully wheelchair accessible. The handicapped parking space is not close to the entry door. It is a very long walk to get to the doors. The wheelchair accessible ramps going up to the entry doors are perfect. They are very wide and not too steep.

There are two sets of double doors that you have to get through in order to get inside the nursing home. One set of doors has an automatic door opener to get into the building but there is another set of doors that stay closed. And these doors do not have an automatic door opener. My friend had to open up the doors for me and if she wasn’t there, there would be no way that I could do it myself.

There is only one public restroom and I couldn’t even fit my wheelchair into it. It is really small. My wheelchair would not fit through the door. And also, the pipes do not have a protective covering like they are supposed to have for it is an ADA requirement. The pipes are exposed. And there are no grab bars in the bathroom either. So a person in a wheelchair that wanted to visit someone in the nursing home would not be able to use the restroom. The lighting is fine for someone with a visual impairment and the hallways are very wide so you have enough room to maneuver around in a wheelchair.

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I like going to volunteer at Windsor Nursing Home every week. I get treated with a lot of respect when I go there. I made a friend there and we have a lot in common so when I get to see her I am happy. I get a lot of enjoyment when I am there. Seeing some of the people there and how unhappy they seem then when I go there and I can put smiles on their faces it makes me feel really good.

I give the Windsor Skilled Nursing Home THREE STARS. They can earn the other Two Stars by moving the handicapped parking spot closer to the entry doors, converting the second set of doors to be automatic, and making the public restroom more wheelchair accessible. They also need to put the protective covering over the exposed pipes and install grab bars.