My friends and I headed to the new Bass Pro Shop to do a wheelchair accessibility review.

Arriving here I was taken by amazement when I saw that it has a wilderness motif with a moose that is standing in a creek of flowing water right in front of the building.

You will not have a problem entering this Bass Pro Shop because it has automatic doors! Once we entered we were greeted by a friendly employee who escorted me and my friends through the handicap gates that lead us into the store. It is spacious inside and easy for me to maneuver my wheelchair throughout the entire store.

Stuffed animals are set in real like wilderness scenes everywhere. You will see deer, moose, beavers, fish and even a large whale that hangs from the ceiling above.

As I looked around I came across a shooting range. I practiced my aim at a selected scene that was laser operated. Once I hit the target the item would perform some sort of task. I did quite well. What was nice about this attraction is that there is a place for me to wheel my wheelchair under, get comfortable, get a good look out straight and practice my aim.

Bass Pro Shop has a large selection of things for fishing, hunting, boating, camping, hiking plus outdoor clothing and furniture. It is all displayed nicely with plenty of room for me to wheel around the store to see all they have for sale.

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A snack bar with a small menu and sitting area is located in the store as well. You can take time to sit and have a cup of coffee, fudge, hot candy coated nuts, etc. Tables are a perfect height to fit my wheelchair comfortably.

There are 2 floors in this store. Two elevators that are nicely painted with an outdoor scene are located in the store.

Both elevators are very spacious with glass so that you can see the outdoor wilderness scene of the entire store as you travel up or down the elevators. It was cool!

I love to fish and really liked the Fishing Center where you can find hundreds of fishing poles of every kind for every type if fishing. A very large fish tank and a running creak with moose, live fish and a beaver and its dame are located in this area.

Just when I thought I saw everything, I approached an area that looks like a cave and looked inside to see it was a bears den and off to the side, almost hidden stood the bear as it looked like he was about to jump out. He ended up being very friendly and invited me to take a picture with him in his home.

The rest rooms are named “Doe’s” or “Buck’s”. A large handicap stall with all the required ADA safety grab bars are located in the restrooms as well as a wheelchair accessible sink that has the pipes underneath covered as is now ADA required.

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I really enjoyed my visit to Bass Pro Shop for it has many visual and hands on things for me to do and I felt like I was in the wilderness in touch with nature in the outdoors.

I give Bass Pro Shop FIVE STARS for wheelchair accessibility. It’s so nice to see that this newly built store did everything to make it fully accessible to persons in wheelchairs.