Yesterday friends and I went to L.L. Bean to shop around and do a wheelchair accessibility review. There are two double automatic entry doors that you will just need to push the button in order to open.

As soon as you enter this store you will see an Information Center to the right. It has computers that you can search for items and one computer is wheelchair accessible. In this area I also saw they have a loaner wheelchair available for customers who have a hard time walking to use. To the left of the entry door is a Registry for gift items for a wedding, shower etc. The counter here is low and very wheelchair accessible.

Some sections of the store have steps yet there’s always a sloped ramp which leads to the same area. A person in a wheelchair has full access to all areas in this store. The store is very spacious and there is plenty of room between the displays for a person in a wheelchair to maneuver around. The service is very good and employees are all very friendly. The checkout counters are perfect height for my wheelchair and the ATM/Credit Card Transaction machine is within my reach.

The store has two water fountains in the hall leading to the restrooms and one is lower for a person in a wheelchair to get a drink of water. The restroom is spacious and has a large handicap stall with an accessible sink and all ADA requirements are met. What is really nice is that the water faucet is automatic so as soon as you put your hand under it the water comes out.

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I give this L.L. Bean FIVE STARS for wheelchair accessibility. They have done a fantastic job making this store wheelchair accessible!