My friends and I recently went to Mansfield Crossing to do some wheelchair accessibility reviews and stopped at T.F.I. Friday’s for lunch. Upon our arrival we immediately noticed 4 handicap parking spaces up front in the parking lot. There is a ramp connected to the side walk that leads to the main entry. There are two sets of doors you will need help with opening to enter. First is single door and then there are double doors to the left at the side of the building. Neither set of doors are automatic but the hostess opened the interior door for my friends and me. I was in my manual wheelchair for my Power Wheelchair is still not repaired.

There are plenty of tables and the tables are all a good height for my wheelchair. The waiter introduced himself and provided us great service. He looked directly at me and took my order when I told him what I wanted. I always mention this as it has been an issue in the past where some waiters/waitresses underestimate my abilities and ask my friends what I want to eat. The lighting may be an issue at night for they have a few small bulbs similar to other restaurants I’ve visited that don’t have good lighting but I was here during the day near the window so the lighting was ok.

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The restroom has one spacious handicap accessible stall with the safety bars and one accessible sink with the pipes covered which is ADA required and the height of the sink is perfect for my wheelchair. My friends and I spoke with the manager who is very kind. He told us that accessibility is very important to him too for he has relatives who are physically disabled and use wheelchairs.

I give T.G.I. Friday’s FOUR STARS for wheelchair accessibility. They would just need to install automatic entry doors to earn the Fifth Star.