Falmouth Heights Beach is a Town Beach that is located right across the street from Captain’s Quarters. A Resident’s pass is needed to park in the parking lot at this beach but anyone can walk onto the beach. Since my mom and dad were staying at Captain’s Quarters this past week my friends put my beach wheelchair in our van and headed to Falmouth to meet my parents to go to this beach.

The website above states that Falmouth Heights Beach has Handicap Access with a Sand Wheelchair so since I have a Beach /Sand Wheelchair we didn’t think I would have any problem accessing this beach. As soon as we arrived we saw that the only means of access to this beach are stairways which all have seven steps. My friends asked the lifeguard if there is another area to access this beach in a Beach/Sand Wheelchair. The Lifeguard told my friends that the only way a Beach/Sand Wheelchair can access this beach is to carry the disabled person in the Beach/Sand Wheelchair down the 7 steps!

This Beach doesn’t have a restroom and only has Port-O-Pottys and none are wheelchair accessible. There is a handicap parking space in the front of the parking lot for disabled residents of Falmouth. The lifeguard told us that disabled persons can call Surf Drive Beach at 508-548-8623 in Falmouth and ask for a Sand Beach Wheelchair to be brought to this beach. She said that 24 notice is required.

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Since it would be extremely difficult for my friends and family to lift me in my Beach Wheelchair down these steps we decided to leave. We all got into the van and headed to Old Silver Beach instead. Old Silver Beach is a 15 minute drive from Falmouth Heights Beach but well worth it for beach wheelchair access to Old Silver Beach is really easy. Old Silver Beach is my FAVORITE Cape Cod Beach so I didn’t mind going there at all! My family, friends and I all had a great time at Old Silver Beach!

I give Falmouth Heights Beach ZERO STARS for wheelchair accessibility. In order to earn any Stars they would at least need to build a wheelchair accessible ramp leading to the beach. I also think they should change the Handicap Access information that states it is accessible by a Sand Wheelchair on their website for the information is very misleading.