Yesterday my friends and I went to Qdoba Mexican Grill to have some lunch and do a wheelchair accessibility review. None of us had ever heard of this restaurant but we realized yesterday that there are many Qdoba Mexican Grills throughout the United States.

There are plenty of handicap parking spaces located in the parking lot close to the entry door. There are two entry doors you will need help with opening for neither door is automatic. Once inside you will see a sign that says “Order Here”. The pathway that leads to the ordering counter is very narrow with no room for any one to pass by me in my wheelchair. There’s a large menu displayed high on the wall which I cannot see because the print is too small. The food is displayed on a counter behind a glass window which is too high for me to see. My friends had to tell me what food selections I had for I couldn’t see the menu or the food.

The cashier counter is a perfect height for my wheelchair and I paid the cashier for my lunch with no problems at all. The soda machine is self-serve and too high for me to reach so my friend Kevin poured my drink. The tables are nice and spread out so I had no problem getting to a table and the height was perfect for my wheelchair.

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The restroom is a single room that meets all the ADA requirements. The safety bars around the toilet are at a perfect height for me to hold on to. The accessible sink is a perfect height for my wheelchair. The faucet is automatic so as soon as I put my hands under the water comes out. This is a great feature for it helps many disabled. The employees were all friendly and the food was good.

I give the Qdoba Mexican Grill TWO STARS for wheelchair accessibility. They would need to install automatic entry doors, widen the pathway of the order line, enlarge the menu print on the wall, lower the food counter so a person in a wheelchair can see the food selections and lower the self-serve soda machine.