My friends and I headed to Best Buy at Mansfield Crossing to shop for a new DVD and do a wheelchair accessibility review. There are plenty of handicap parking spaces close to Best Buy. There are two automatic entry doors that slide open as soon as you approach. These are my favorite kind of automatic doors because I don’t even have to press a button.

The aisles are wide and easy for me to maneuver my wheelchair around for there are no displays blocking access. Some items are located up high on the shelves but the store employees will help you reach for any item. The restrooms are spacious with a large handicap stall and the accessible sinks have the pipes covered as is now an ADA requirement.

The checkout counter is a perfect height for my wheelchair. The ATM/Credit Transaction machine is located too far back for me to reach. My friend Kevin helped me complete my transaction because I couldn’t reach it. The employees are all friendly and nice.

I give this Best Buy FOUR STARS for wheelchair accessibility. They would just need to relocate their ATM/Credit Transaction machine closer to where a person in a wheelchair can reach it so they can independently complete their own transaction. The Best Buy – Taunton moved their ATM/Credit Transaction machine closer to earn their Fifth Star so I hope that this store would do the same.

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