If you need a quick haircut and don’t have an appointment, I highly recommend Procuts in Middleborough. Procuts is very wheelchair friendly and the stylists are all very kind and good at styling or cutting hair.

The entry door is not automatic yet plenty wide enough to fit my wheelchair. Once inside I find it is spacious with enough for me to maneuver my chair. The hospitality is great and all the stylists are courteous and friendly. My favorite hair stylist is Mary. She is always very nice to me and always cuts my hair the way I like it. She is very accommodating and cuts my hair while I’m seated in my wheelchair; she takes the time to make sure my wheelchair has no loose hairs in it. She also takes the time to listen to me and we like talking a lot while I’m getting my haircut.

Procuts also has a lot of hair products for sale at very low and reasonable prices. Most are within my reach yet if it is set too high on a shelf, a stylist will always get it for me.

I give Procuts FOUR STARS for wheelchair accessibility. In order to earn the Fifth Star they would need to install an automatic entry door so a person in a wheelchair can enter independently. Mary and all the stylists deserve FIVE STARS for their sensitivity and kindness. Thanks!

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