Last night I had the wonderful opportunity of watching the movie, Baby Mama while dining at the new Lux level at Randolf Cinemas. The Randolf Cinema has automatic doors at the entry and exit. Our seats were in the Lux level which had pull out tables on the sides. There are two Lux level theatres and both have two wheelchair accessible spaces side by side. The wheelchair seats were the best in the house.

A waitress took our dinner order as soon as we were seated and served our meal at our seats. If we needed anything else we had a service button we pushed and the service was great. My friends told me that their seats were very comfy. The restrooms are very accessible and the handicap stall is very spacious. There is protective covering over the pipes under the accessible sinks as is now required by ADA regulations.

The cost of a ticket for a show before 6PM is $18.00 and after 6PM is $20.50. It may seem a little pricey but they give you a $5.00 voucher towards your meal. The menu has a variety of foods to chose from and they are all priced under $9.00. Randolf does not offer any disability discounts which I think they should since one in a wheelchair cannot enjoy the comfy seats.

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I give Randolf Lux level Cinemas FIVE STARS. Don’t forget your ID for they card you because you must be at least 21 years old to enjoy the Lux level because they serve alcohol during the movie.