Recently my friends and I went to Hannaford, a supermarket and pharmacy at Middleborough Crossing to purchase some items for a party we planned. Hannaford is fully wheelchair accessible with help available to assist you.

There are 4 handicap parking spaces located in front of the entrance on the right. Entering and exiting is easy for the 2 sets of single doors open as soon as you approach. An engraved sign with a wheelchair symbol located on the entry door reads “If you need assistance please ask – our staff is ready and willing to help. Thank You.” Once inside you will see 2 handicap scooters with large baskets that are available for customers with physical disabilities to use.

All the aisles are wide with plenty of room to maneuver your chair. Most items are within my reach; an employee will kindly help you to reach any item not within your reach. I found all the employees friendly, courteous and helpful! All the fresh veggies and fruits are nicely displayed and easy to reach. A section here has fresh mums and cut flowers which are beautiful and easy to reach as well. I picked out a beautiful mum for my deck:>)

The deli and bakery counter is too high for a person in a wheelchair to reach yet a kind employee told me an employee will always help assist a person with a disability. The salad bar is of a good accessible height. The customer service counter is a little high to reach but manageable; the ATM/Credit Card Transaction Machine is fairly easy to reach for it is placed in front.

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The Pharmacy counter is of a perfect accessible height so getting your pharmacy prescriptions is easy here.

The handicap restroom is located near the deli counter; the restroom is spacious, wheelchair accessible and ADA compliant.

There are NO check-out counters marked as Wheelchair Accessible as some other supermarkets have. All the regular check-out counters are a bit too high for me to reach; the ATM/Credit Card Transaction Machine at all these counters is too high to reach as well.

The self-serve check-out counter is the ONLY check-out counter that is of a good wheelchair accessible height. Yet it would be difficult for a person in a wheelchair to independently scan and bag their groceries.

I give Hannaford Supermarket & Pharmacy at Middleborough Crossing FIVE STARS for wheelchair accessibility only because the employees are always willing to assist customers in wheelchairs. I would suggest they lower a section of the Deli and Bakery counter to a wheelchair accessible height and place a wheelchair accessible check-out counter with it marked as wheelchair accessible so customers shopping in wheelchairs here can independently complete their grocery shopping.