After touring the DCU Center in Worcester, which is the site for the 2010 Massachusetts Democratic State Convention, my mom, Ric and Amanda stopped for lunch at Uno Chicago Grill. This restaurant is conveniently located right across the street from the DCU Center; it is fully wheelchair accessible except there is NO accessible seating in the lounge.

There are some handicapped parking spaces located on the side street close to the entry door; if none are available there is a parking garage right across the street from Uno Chicago Grill. If you eat at Uno Chicago Grill they will validate your parking in the parking garage for up to 2 hours.

The entrance at this Uno Chicago Grill is wheelchair accessible; located on one side of the entrance is a set of steps; yet on the other side is a wide sloped cement walkway. There are two entry doors and neither door is automatic. Ric pushed my manual chair inside while Amanda held the door open for us.

Inside is spacious with plenty of room to maneuver a wheelchair. As I was waiting to be seated, I noticed there is a lounge off to the side. My mom, friends and I went into the lounge to see if there is accessible seating. Sadly there is NO accessible seating in this lounge; the bar is too high; the 3 tables on one side are all tall bar-style tables that are too high for me to reach; the 3 booths on the other side are not accessible because the pole of the table blocks wheelchair access. There are 5 large flat screen TVs placed on the walls that are easy to view. It would be a great place to have a drink and watch a sports game. Unfortunately there is no accessible seating:<(

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The hostess seated us at an accessible table in the dining room. The dining room has many booths which are not accessible because the leg of the table blocks wheelchair access; yet there are plenty of accessible tables that are all of a good height for me to sit and reach my food and drink.

Our waitress was very courteous, kind and friendly. She took the time to listen to me place my lunch order. We all enjoyed our delicious lunch.

I really enjoyed seeing all the great pictures depicting the history of Chicago, especially since my dad is from Chicago. My mom and dad told me we lived in Chicago when I was only two years old yet of course I don’t remember much of it at all.

The restrooms are spacious, wheelchair accessible and fully ADA compliant. The soap and hand towel dispenser are within my reach.

I give Uno Chicago Grill THREE STARS for wheelchair accessibility. In order to earn the other Two Stars they would need to install automatic entry doors so a person in a wheelchair can enter independently; place some accessible tables in the lounge; and lower a section of the bar to an accessible height so a person in a wheelchair can sit and have a drink while watching a sports game on the five large screen TVs.

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