Sunday morning I went out to Good Days Restaurant in West Bridgewater with my Aunt Nancy and friends. My Aunt Nancy treated us all to a great meal. I know one of the cooks and decided to give her cooking a shot. Good Days Restaurant is wheelchair accessible with a few minor problems which need to be changed.

Parking is easy for there are handicap parking places right in front of the entrance. There are two single entry doors that are not automatic. My friends held the door open for me as I drove my power chair inside. If I was by myself I would need to buzz the front window to have someone come out to help me open the doors.

I was not very happy about that but when my friend told the owner he said that the Bridgewater Historical Society would not let them up date anything in the restaurant because the building is a historical site. It is an historical site because President John F. Kennedy once ate in this restaurant. I’m sure that President John F. Kennedy would have wanted this restaurant to be fully wheelchair accessible for he was a wonderful man who cared about equal access for all persons.

Good Days is a fun environment with peppy waitresses and a fun 50’s theme. The tables are of a perfect height for my wheelchair. The food was great and they had an endless cup of my favorite beverage which is coffee:) Good Days has a huge menu with reasonable pricing. I loved the staff at this restaurant because everyone was so friendly and that is why I give the staff FIVE STARS. Thank you Lisa, our very nice waitress:)

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The restrooms are a single man’s and single woman’s restroom with no stalls to fuss with. I had no problem maneuvering my wheelchair inside the men’s room for it is very spacious. The ADA required safety grab bars are located at a perfect height on the side and rear wall of the toilet. The accessible sink is a perfect height as well and the only down side is that they do not have the pipes under the sink covered as is a new ADA requirement. My friend is going to tell the owner that the pipes are now required to be covered.

I give Good Days Restaurant FOUR STARS for wheelchair accessibility. In order to earn the Fifth Star, they would need to install automatic entry doors and place protective covering around the exposed pipes under the restroom accessible sink.

I give Bridgewater Historical Society ZERO STARS for delaying full and equal access to all patrons to this fine eatery.