While traveling in Methuen, my mom treated my friends and I to lunch at Methuen Family Restaurant and I was pleased to see that it is wheelchair accessible with only a few minor problems. There are plenty of handicap parking spaces located in a large parking lot up front. Access to the sidewalk is easy for there are two wheelchair access slopes leading to the sidewalk in front and on the side of the restaurant.

Entering this restaurant is difficult and you will definitely need some help. There are two entry doors you will need help with opening for neither door is automatic. Once you enter the first door, you will be inside a very narrow foyer and need to take a sharp right turn to open the second entry door. I was in my Power Chair and found it very difficult to turn and maneuver to the second door for it is a very narrow and small foyer. My friends opened the two doors for me.

Once inside I found that there are only two tables that are wheelchair accessible for the entire restaurant has booths that you cannot sit at for your wheelchair would block access on the aisles. There is one large booth and one small booth located in the rear of the restaurant that are wheelchair accessible because the back of these tables has a booth’s bench but the front has chairs that you can remove and fit comfortably at in your wheelchair. The height of these tables is of a perfect height for any size wheelchair.

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These tables are located next to an Emergency Exit door which is good for it is quick and direct access outside in case of an emergency. This Emergency Exit door would be a great wheelchair accessible entry door for there is no tight foyer and would offer direct and easy wheelchair access into the restaurant.

Our waitress was kind of shy when she first approached me and didn’t look at me or ask to take my order. She asked my friend what I wanted and my friend said I could speak for myself. She then warmed up and was kind and took the time to listen to me tell her my order. The food was good and at reasonable prices.

The restaurant also has a countertop that persons can eat at but it is not at all wheelchair accessible because the stools in front are not removable. The restrooms are single spacious rooms and easy to maneuver a wheelchair inside. The accessible sink is of a good height for a wheelchair and the pipes underneath it are covered as is now ADA required. I did notice that the toilet has only one safety grab bar that is located on the side wall of the toilet and not on the rear wall behind the toilet as is ADA required.

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The cashier counter is a little high for my wheelchair but manageable.

I give Methuen Family Restaurant THREE STARS for wheelchair accessibility. In order to earn the other Two Stars, they would need to install automatic entry doors; widen the entry foyer; remove a few stools at the counter where you can eat; add a few more wheelchair accessible tables and place a safety grab bar on the wall behind the toilet in the restrooms.