If you like watching sports on TV then The Charlie Horse is the place to go. They have a lot of large LCD HD TV’s with different sports which makes it easy to view from every table, booth or bar. Today when I visited we watched the NCAA Championship Game on one TV and Tiger Woods in a golf tournament on another TV. In order for me to enter the restaurant I had to go through two doors that I needed my friends to open for me because they weren’t automatic. Once inside we were greeted by a hostess and requested to be seated at a booth but then we noticed that my wheelchair would block the isle so we asked to sit at an end table. You might want to call ahead to request an end table. The only other tables that are wheelchair accessible are located in the lounge. And who wants to eat in the lounge!

They had a nicely built wide ramp with brass railings leading to the main dining room. Our waitress was very nice. The restrooms are very accessible with a large handicap accessible stall. The height of the sink is perfect for most wheelchairs. I did notice that they didn’t have the protective pipe covers under the sink which is an ADA regulation to prevent being burned by a hot pipe. The food was great. I had the BISON burger (buffalo meat) which I was told is very healthy because it has less calories and cholesterol then fish or chicken.

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After you eat if you have time you can go to the game room or pool room which have more TV’s and are both wheelchair accessible. The bar in the lounge has a lower area that is wheelchair accessible! They also have a stage which at times has live entertainment. They also have a newly built deck which has access through a large door from the dining area or a large wide wheelchair ramp with railings from the front. I assume this is opened when the weather is warmer.

We give the Charlie Horse THREE STARS. They could earn the other two stars if they installed automatic doors, had more wheelchair accessible tables in the main dining area and place protective pipe covers under the sink in the restrooms.