Kenny’s Salt Water Taffy is located on the water at the Onset Town Pier and is only open during the summer months. It’s been around since the late 1865. I usually stop by when I’m at the Onset Town Pier for it’s right on the pier and a great place to have some lunch, an ice cream, salt water taffy, homemade fudge or just for a cool refreshing drink. ( Onset Town Pier). My friends and I decided to do a wheelchair accessibility review of the place since we are here so often.

Kenny’s Salt Water Taffy has a small inside area where you order your ice cream, lunch, or pick out the homemade fudge or taffy you want to buy. There are two entry doors from either side and neither door is wheelchair automatic so you will need help with opening the door. There is a counter where you order your lunch or ice cream. The food is fresh and cooked to order. This counter is a good height for my wheelchair and my wheelchair had no problem getting around inside.

The other side is where you can show the staff which kind of homemade fudge or flavor of salt water taffy you want. She will weigh it and price it and then you pay her. I’ve been coming here for many years and the people who work here have always been very courteous and kind. The owner recently gave me a ‘Kenny’s Salt Water & Taffy’ tee shirt since my name is Kenny too!

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Outside there are plastic tables you can sit at to enjoy your food. The tables can’t be moved for they are bolted to the ground. This is to keep them stable in case a strong wind or bad storm hits this area. The tables are a little short for my Power wheelchair but my manual wheelchair fits just fine. The tables do have umbrellas so you can escape from the heat of the sun and this area also has a glass windshield to protect you from a strong ocean wind.

I give Kenny’s Salt Water Taffy FOUR STARS. In order to earn the other Star they would just need to install an automatic door. As far as the staff and the food, I give them Five Stars because the staff are always very friendly, helpful and courteous and the food, fudge, salt water taffy and ice cream is always delicious. It’s probably why they’ve been around for so long! I also love the name of the place!