My friends and I recently ate lunch at Ponderosa Steakhouse in Swansea. We didn’t find it very wheelchair accessible so we decided to do a wheelchair accessibility review of the restaurant since we were there. We did take a few pictures which no one seemed to object to as did the Swansea Mall. (See that review).

A handicap parking space is located in front of the main entry door which is very convenient. There are three different doorways you need to go through before you even get into the restaurant and none are automatic so you will need help with opening all three doors. This Ponderosa has many booths and only a few tables so of course we chose a table to sit at for my wheelchair sticks out in the aisle if we sit at a booth. There was plenty of room to maneuver my wheelchair around the tables for they weren’t crowded too close together. The height of the table was also good for my wheelchair.

The restroom was somewhat small and not much room for me to maneuver my wheelchair. It had one handicap stall which was also on the small side but did have all the ADA requirements. The food was just ok. My friends and I thought that the vegetables tasted like they were out of a can and the mashed potatoes tasted like they were made from instant mashed potato mix. The waitress was very kind and the service was excellent.

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I give the Ponderosa Steak House THREE STARS for wheelchair accessibility. They would need to install automatic doors at all three doorways and enlarge the restroom so it is more wheelchair accessible in order to earn the other Two Stars.