While shopping at Wareham Crossing my Aunt Nancy, Jowanna, Tony and I had lunch at the Qdoba Mexican Grill and found it ONLY partially wheelchair accessible because of some obstacles I encountered.

There is plenty of handicap parking in the front of the building with sloped access to the sidewalk. The entrance has two entry doors which are not automatic so you’ll need help opening both doors.

Qdoba Mexican Grill serves Mexicans fast food. You approach the ordering counter; place your food order; they prepare your food right in front of you; and then you can either dine inside at a table or take it to go.

The biggest obstacle I faced is I couldn’t get my wheelchair to the counter where you place your food order; the ordering line is way too narrow with a sharp turn that is impossible for my wheelchair to get through. I had to wheel my chair around to the front cashier register and place my order here yet I couldn’t see the food choices so my friends had to tell me the food selections. The counter is of an accessible height.

The soda fountain is too high for me to reach so Tony had to help me get my drink.

The dining area is spacious and there is no problem accessing a table. Many of the tables are of a good wheelchair accessible height. Yet there is a tall bar/style counter top that is not wheelchair accessible for it is too high.

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The restrooms are spacious, wheelchair accessible and fully ADA compliant. The faucet, soap and hand towel dispenser are all within my reach.

I give Qdoba TWO STARS for wheelchair accessibility. In order to earn the other Three stars they would need to install automatic entry doors so a customer in a wheelchair can enter and exit independently; widen the line in front of the counter where you place your order; lower the self serve soda fountain to an accessible height; and lower a section of the tall bar/style counter top to a wheelchair accessible height.