If you’re visiting Plymouth and want to bring home a bottle of delicious fruit wine produced from locally grown fruits, I suggest you stop at the Plymouth Bay Winery. This family winery overlooks the historic Plymouth Bay and is very wheelchair friendly and accessible.

Plymouth Bay Winery purchases only the choicest fruit from local growers whose commitment to high quality is reflected in the rich, fruity wines produced at Plymouth Bay Winery. The winery has a large parking lot with 2 handicapped parking spaces right front of the entrance. Parking is FREE which is a big plus because it’s hard to find parking on the historic Plymouth Waterfront during the busy summer tourist season.

The main entrance has steps leading to the entry door and there is a wheelchair accessible ramp located on the side which allows for easy wheelchair access to the entrance. The entry door is not automatic so Amanda held the door open while Ric pushed my manual chair inside.

Inside is spacious with plenty of room to maneuver your chair. All the fruit wines produced here are placed on shelves which are of an accessible height and easy for me to reach. The winery offers FREE tastings of all their homemade fruit wines. A wine testing area has a counter which is of an accessible height for customers in wheelchairs to taste various wines produced here.

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The owner told us all about the various fruit wines we sampled. He is very knowledgeable, kind and friendly. I really enjoyed the delightful taste of all the wines. Widow’s Walk was my favorite.

After the wine tasting I bought three bottles of my favorite fruit wines to serve my family and friends at my home. The cashier counter is of a perfect height for wheelchair access.

The three bottles of wine I bought were packaged in a box with a handle that held the bottles perfectly and was easy to carry.

I give the Plymouth Bay Winery FOUR STARS for wheelchair accessibility. In order to earn the Fifth Star they would need to install an automatic entry door so a customer in a wheelchair can enter and exit independently. The owner deserves FIVE STARS for his kindness, sensitivity and knowledge of the quality fruit wines produced here.