While traveling in Pembroke my mom, Kevin, Jowanna and I stopped for some lunch at Au Bon Pain and were pleased to find it fairly wheelchair accessible. Parking is easy for there is a handicap parking space located right in front of the wheelchair access slope of the sidewalk that leads to the entry door.

There are two double entry doors that are heavy and not automatic so Jowanna held the door open while Kevin pushed my manual chair inside. These doors would be challenging for a person in a wheelchair or a mom pushing a baby stroller to open without assistance.

I really enjoyed having lunch here, as the menu lists the total number of calories for every food item available; this makes it easier for me to decide what to order because I’m watching my weight. The atmosphere is very comfortable. Wi-Fi is available for customers to access the internet. There are plenty of tables of a perfect wheelchair accessible height located in all interior dining areas.

The soda machine is of a good height and easy for me to reach 😉 the cashier counter is of a good accessible height as well. All the employees were kind, helpful and courteous. The food was delicious and fresh! The customer service is great!

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The restroom is spacious, wheelchair accessible and fully ADA compliant. The sink is a good accessible height; the ADA required protective covering is on the pipes located under the sink so there is no chance that I will burn myself. The faucet, soap and towel dispenser are easy for me to reach.

We decided to eat outside because it was such a beautiful day; however the tables outside are difficult to access because the legs of the tables don’t allow my chair to wheel underneath making it impossible to reach the table.

I give Au Ban Pain THREE STARS for wheelchair accessibility. In order to earn the other Two Stars they would need to install automatic entry doors so customers in wheelchairs can enter and exit independently; and place some wheelchair accessible tables outside so a customer in a wheelchair can enjoy dining outside on a beautiful day!