After my appointment with my neurologist at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center – Baker Building, my mom treated my friends Scott, Kevin and me to lunch at The Barking Crab located right on the waterfront in South Boston. We really enjoyed our lunch in the fun atmosphere yet did not find The Barking Crab very wheelchair accessible.

Parking is located right in front of the entrance at no charge. We found a parking space located right accross from the entrance. We didn’t see any curb cuts yet the curb of the sidewalk in front is low and had no problem wheeling over it. The main entrance which leads to the inside dining is not wheelchair accessible for it has steps.

A side entrance leading into the outdoor tent structure is accessible with a sloped walkway. A kind hostess greeted us and found us room at a picnic table with some other customers. We were told during the winter an employee will let a customer in a wheelchair enter through a side door leading from the tent to the main dining. We’ll go back and check this out in the winter:-)

Outside dining at The Barking Crab is family style dining with picnic tables you sit at with strangers. None of the picnic benches are wheelchair accessible because the benches are permanently attached so I sat sideways at the end of the table. This is very awkward as you try to eat.

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I loved the casual and fun dining and the view of the water. Your napkins are a roll of paper towels placed on the tables and plastic silverware are casually placed in containers for you to grab as are the condiments! The bar would be a nice place to sit and enjoy a meal or drink yet it is not wheelchair accessible for it is too high.

Our waiter was very friendly, kind and courteous and provided us with excellent service. Our food was fresh and the lobster roll I had was delicious.

We checked out the inside dining room which you can only access via a side door that leads to the restrooms and a narrow hallway that leads to the inside dining room. There are many accessible tables located in the dining room yet it is kind of dark and not as nice as dining outside on the waterfront.

The mens and ladies restrooms are very small yet one unisex restroom is a larger single room; it is difficult to maneuver your wheelchair in this restroom for the waste basket and a bench prevents full access and you’ll help moving these objects. The pipes underneath the accessible sink are not covered as is ADA required.

The Barking Crab deserves FIVE STARS for the fun atmosphere, friendly employees and fresh and delicious seafood

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As for Wheelchair Accessibility I give The Barking Crab TWO STARS. In order to earn the other Three Stars they would need to install an accessible entrance at the main entrance; provide some accessible seating in the outdoor dining area by extending the end of a few picnic tables or placing some smaller removable benches so a customer in a wheelchair can comfortably fit; lower a section of the bar to a wheelchair accessible height; relocate the waste basket and bench in the accessible restroom; and cover the pipes under the restroom sink as ADA requires.