Yesterday Ric, Amanda and I went to see the documentary showing of Arabia at the Mugar Omni Theatre located inside the Boston Museum of Science. Mugar Omni Theater is the world’s largest film format projected onto a five-story-tall IMAX Dome screen and it is very wheelchair accessible and fully accessible for all persons with disabilities for it offers closed captioning, amplified narration and audio description.

All levels of the parking garage have many handicap parking spaces close to the elevator. We found access into the the Omni Theater at the Boston Museum of Science is easy for we took the parking lot elevator directly to the level the Omni theatre is located. The elevator is spacious with plenty of room for my wheelchair and friends; it is easy for me to reach all buttons to chose which level I want to go to.

All levels are marked and easy to see. Once we arrived on the lobby level of the Omni Theatre we purchased our tickets at the ticket booth. The window of the ticket booth is a little high yet I was able to reach and pay for my ticket independently. After purchasing our tickets, the kind cashier directed us to the elevator which took us to the second level which is the wheelchair accessible entrance of the Omni Theatre. Upon arriving at the wheelchair accessible entrance we were warmly greeted by a kind usher who took our tickets and directed us to the area of the wheelchair seating.

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The wheelchair accessible seating offers a great view and there is plenty of space for your wheelchair and companions to comfortably sit and view the show. We were told by an employee that the wheelchair seating area has the best viewing spot in the theatre:-)

The Omni theatre wraps its audience around larger-than-life images with a state-of-the-art digital sound system. We all enjoyed the documentary showing of Arabia in which felt as though we were traveling to the exotic and fascinating land of Arabia and exploring the ancient tombs of a lost city.

After the show we exited the theatre and took the elevator down to the main entrance of the Boston Museum of Science. This main entrance has an automatic door which allows for easy access to and from the Museum of Science which makes it easy for a person in a wheelchair or a parent pushing a baby carriage to enter and exit the Museum of Science. The parking lot entrance also has an automatic door.

The Boston Museum of Science restrooms are spacious, wheelchair accessible and fully ADA compliant. The faucet, soap and towel dispenser are easily in my reach.

It’s been years since I’ve visited the Boston Museum of Science and my friends and I look forward to coming back to the Boston Museum of Science to enjoy the exhibits and evaluate the accessibility which I am quite sure will be perfect.

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I give the Mugar Omni Theatre at the Boston Museum of Science FIVE STARS for wheelchair accessibility. The employees all deserve FIVE STARS for their kindness, sensitivity and helpfulness.