My friends and I traveled to Asack Turkey Farm in West Bridgewater today to order a Turkey for our Thanksgiving dinner and I was pleased to see that this place is fully wheelchair accessible. Handicap parking spaces are conveniently located in the parking lot right in front of the building. There is a slight slope in the pavement leading to the entry door. I found that the entry door is plenty wide enough to fit my wheelchair but it is not automatic so Tony pushed my manual chair while Ric held the door open for us.

Once inside, my friends and I approached the service/cashier counter and asked if any tours of the farm are available for us to see the turkeys. The store employee was very friendly, kind and courteous. She told me that no tours are available at their Turkey Farm, which is located a short distance away at 166 South Street in West Bridgewater.

The customer service/cashier counter is a little high for my wheelchair but manageable. I ordered a BIG 30 pound turkey for Thanksgiving because I invited some friends and family to my home for Thanksgiving Dinner. I’ve never had a fresh turkey before so I’m hoping it will be worth the extra cost. The employee told me that my turkey will be ready for me to pick tomorrow up at Asack Turkey Farm which is located on South Street tomorrow. My mom will be coming with me to pick it up as she is treating me to the fresh turkey! I’ll write a separate review of the farm after I pick up my turkey tomorrow.

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Asack Turkey Farm located here on Rte 28 is a sandwich shop and you can order great dishes to go or eat inside. They have a large variety of delicious food items on their menu such as many different kind of turkey sandwiches and platters as well as 54 flavors of Ice Cream. A small section has tables that you can dine at which I found to be a perfect height for my wheelchair. Asacks does not have public rest room and I don’t believe they are required to have a restroom due to the small size of the store.

I give Asack Turkey Farm FOUR STARS for wheelchair accessibility. In order to earn the Fifth Star Asacks Farm would need to install an automatic entry door so a person in a wheelchair can enter independently.