After a great workout I had in the therapy pool at Healthtrax Fitness Center, my friends and I went to the Peking Garden Buffet for some Chinese food. We figured we all got a work out in the pool and burned some calories!

There are handicap parking spaces located in front of the restaurant that are conveniently located right next to the wheelchair access to the sidewalk. Sadly though my friends had a tough time getting my manual wheelchair onto the sidewalk as there was a Mercedes Benz parked right in front of the access slope which blocked my access.

There are two entry two doors you will need help with opening for neither is automatic. We were seated at our table by the friendly, courteous hostess and wait staff. The dining tables are all wheelchair accessible and a perfect height for my wheelchair.

The restaurant is spacious and easy to maneuver a wheelchair around and I was able to serve myself at the buffet counter for the height was perfect for me. The cashier’s counter was too high for me to pay for my meal.

The restroom is spacious and easily fit my wheelchair. The handicap stall is large and has the required safety grab bars at a perfect height. I found the accessible sinks are at a good height too, however, there is no protective covers around the pipes under the sinks as is an ADA requirement. Also, the soap and towel dispensers are too high for me to reach.

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I give Peking Garden Buffet THREE STARS for wheelchair accessibility. In order to earn the other Two Stars they would need to install automatic doors; lower a section at the cashier counter to a wheelchair accessible height; place protective covering around the pipes under the accessible sinks and lower the soap and paper towel dispenser on the restroom wall. I did enjoy the good food and friendly and courteous service.