Recently when my mom, Kellie, Kevin and I were shopping at the Village Landing Marketplace in Plymouth we decided to stop for lunch at The Crow’s Nest. This restaurant located on the historic Plymouth Harbor is not very wheelchair friendly or accessible.

There is a wide cement ramp leading to the front entry door. A 3 inch lip is at the base of this ramp which is tough to wheel a chair over. I was in my manual chair; Kevin found it best to wheel my chair backwards over the lip.

Once you reach the top of the ramp you will find a set of steps leading to the entry door. My mom went inside to ask if there is a wheelchair accessible entrance; she told me the waitress paused and then said we could use the rear door.

We went to the rear of the restaurant and saw no sign or door marked as an entrance to The Crow’s Nest. My mom opened one door and found it leads to the rear of the restaurant. We proceeded to go inside and found ourselves in a rear hall. In front of us was a large staircase leading to an outdoor dining area upstairs. There is no access to the outdoor dining for there is no elevator.

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We then entered the main dining room located on the first floor; we saw a hostess desk but no hostess was here; we saw one waitress who was serving customers seated at a table; a few tables in front had customers seated with no menu, food or drink. My mom saw a man getting a menu from the hostess desk and assuming he worked here asked if there was a table available for 4. The man kindly told my mom that he didn’t work here but was getting his own menu because the service was slow. All the tables in this room are wheelchair accessible and of a good height for a customer in a wheelchair.

We decided to leave for obviously there was not enough people working here to serve the customers. We ended up eating lunch very close by at Blue-Eyed Crab in Plymouth.

On our way out we did check out the restroom. The restroom is wheelchair accessible and fully ADA compliant except none of the pipes under the accessible sinks are covered as is ADA required.

I would not recommend this restaurant to tourists and travelers in wheelchairs for there are more accessible restaurants located a short wheel from here.

I give The Crow’s Nest One Star for wheelchair accessibility. In order to earn the other Four Stars, they would need to smooth out the cement lip on the edge of the wheelchair accessible ramp; place a sign on the front entry door directing customers to the wheelchair accessible rear door; place a wheelchair accessible sign on the rear door; install an automatic entry door at the rear entrance so a person in a wheelchair can enter independently; provide access to the outdoor dining area; and cover the pipes under the accessible sink in the restroom.

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