With nearly one million tourists visiting the Historic Plymouth Waterfront every year, we thought it would be good to review some of the local hotels for wheelchair accessibility. The second hotel we visited was the Radisson Hotel Plymouth Harbor. This hotel is not directly on the waterfront but set back behind the Village Landing Marketplace in Plymouth which overlooks the Plymouth Harbor.

There are plenty of handicap parking spaces located in the side parking lot of the hotel. We approached the main entrance and found wheelchair access to the sidewalk in front. Entering is easy for the door is automatic with a simple push of a button.

Once inside, I found the lobby is spacious with plenty of room to wheel my chair. The front of the registration counter is too high for my chair; yet located on the side is a lower counter that is wheelchair accessible; with a problem being that this countertop is piled high with newspapers, papers and brochures.

My mom, Kellie, Kevin and I approached the customer service desk and asked an employee if the hotel has a wheelchair accessible room with a roll-in shower. She told us the hotel does have wheelchair accessible rooms but the NONE of the wheelchair accessible room have a roll-in shower. These rooms have a bathtub with a seat on the inside and safety grab walls on the wall by the tub. We explained we do not consider this room an all inclusive wheelchair accessible room for many of us in wheelchairs cannot safely transfer over a tub and onto a seat. She kindly told us she understood; apologized and said they get many requests but unfortunately there is none.

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If a hotel doesn’t have a fully equipped wheelchair accessible room with a roll-in shower, then we consider the hotel to be inaccessible and give it 0 stars because we believe all hotel guests should be able to shower. This hotel is located in a popular tourist area where many weddings and special functions are held. If you attend a wedding here from out of town and need a room with a roll-in shower, you are out of luck.

We continued to review other parts of the hotel for it may be useful information for disabled guests who don’t need a roll-in shower. The elevator, located in a hall off the lobby is fully wheelchair accessible and will take you to all levels of the hotel.

The main restrooms off lobby are NOT fully wheelchair accessible; the sink is not accessible; the handicap stall is wheelchair accessible and large enough to maneuver a chair; the door handle to open the inside door is not accessible for it is set too high; the hand sanitizer is set too high as well.

Across from the restrooms is the Plymouth Ballroom; the room is spacious and with all accessible tables of a good height. The Pub, a restaurant/bar located off the lobby has wheelchair accessible tables but the bar is too high. The indoor pool area is accessible yet there is NO pool lift to help disabled access the pool.

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Upon exiting the hotel we came across a Fire Alarm located outside in front of the building.

This Fire Alarm is not wheelchair accessible for it is too high for me to reach. If there were a fire a person in a wheelchair would not be able to pull the alarm for help!

I give the Radisson Hotel Plymouth Harbor ZERO STARS for wheelchair accessibility. In order to earn any Stars, they would first need to install a roll-in shower in at least one or two wheelchair accessible rooms. Then to earn all Five Stars, they would need to clear the wheelchair accessible registration table of the newspapers, papers and brochures; install an accessible sink in the main restrooms; lower the handle on the inside of the restroom door so a person in a wheelchair can exit the restroom; lower the hand sanitizer on the restroom wall; and provide a permanent or portable pool lift in the indoor pool area.