After visiting Plymouth Winery, my mom, Kellie, Kevin and I headed to Governor Bradford Inn. With nearly one million tourists visiting the Historic Plymouth Waterfront every year, we thought it would be good to review some of the local hotels for wheelchair accessibility.

Governor Bradford Inn would be a great place to stay if you’re visiting Plymouth because it overlooks Historic Plymouth Harbor and it’s conveniently located across from Pilgrim Memorial State Park, Plymouth Rock and Mayflower II. The only problem is Governor Bradford Inn is NOT very wheelchair accessible and it has NO Guest Room with a roll-in-shower. Many of us wheelers can ONLY shower in a roll-in-shower for it’s not safe to transfer over into a bathtub.

One handicap parking space is available in a parking lot behind the inn. The entrance has a sloped walkway leading to the entry door. Getting inside is tough for a person in a wheelchair or even for someone pushing a baby stroller for there is 4 inch lip at the threshold of the entry door. I was in my manual chair and Kevin & Kellie had to lift my chair over this lip while my mom held the door open. Later when leaving, my chair almost tipped forward exiting this door.

The registration desk is way too high for a wheelchair seated guest. We asked an employee standing behind the desk if the Inn has a wheelchair accessible room with a roll-in shower and were told No! We were told they have thought of converting one of the bathtubs to a roll-in shower for they often get the request.

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If a hotel doesn’t have a fully equipped wheelchair accessible room with a roll-in shower, then we consider the hotel to be inaccessible and give it 0 stars because we believe all hotel guests should be able to shower.

A small dining area where you can have coffee is located to the right of the lobby. From this area you can see the outdoor swimming pool. The pool doesn’t have a lift to help disabled enter the pool.

The hotel has two floors and NO elevator. All the guest room doors leading to the outdoor hall are not wheelchair accessible for they all have a 4 inch threshold step.

I give Governor Bradford Inn ZERO STARS for wheelchair accessibility. In order to earn all Five Stars, ideally they would need to install a wheelchair accessible threshold at the entry door; install an automatic entry door so wheelchair seated guests can enter independently; lower the registration countertop to a wheelchair accessible height; install a roll-in-shower in at least one accessible guest room; place an accessible threshold at guest room door to the outdoor hall; and install an elevator.