While my friends and I were traveling in Newton this week, I saw a U.S. Post office and decided to stop to see if it is wheelchair accessible. I especially like to review U.S. Post Offices since I’ve discovered that NOT all U.S Post Offices are wheelchair accessible.

Parking is not a problem for there are handicap parking spaces located right in front of this Post Office. Once my friends and I got out of our van, we found it very easy to get my wheelchair onto the sidewalk because the wheelchair access to the sidewalk is close to the handicap parking. There are two entry doors that are easy to access for once you push the automatic door opener both doors open automatically. There is a turn to take to the second door but there is plenty of room to turn and enter. Plus it is already opened for you.

Once inside I was so happy to see that this Post Office is fully wheelchair accessible and very spacious with plenty of room to maneuver your wheelchair. The document service counter where you fill out mail forms is of a perfect height for my wheelchair and you can fill out all your forms here with ease.

I was also happy to see that I can easily reach the mail slot to place letters you wish to mail. There is another section with a document service counter where you can mail packages and I can access this table easily for it is a perfect height for my wheelchair. I approached the wheelchair accessible customer service counter and found it is of a perfect height for my wheelchair and I purchased a stamp from a very friendly, kind and helpful employee.

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I give this U.S. Post Office in Newton Center FIVE STARS for wheelchair accessibility. I wish all U.S Post Offices were as accessible as this one for I strongly believe that ALL U.S. Post offices should be fully accessible to ALL U.S. Citizens, regardless of their physical ability!