Today I wanted to do a wheelchair accessibility review of the main Post Office in Brockton because soon will be named the Rocky Marciano Post Office. President Bush recently signed into law a bill naming the Commercial Street Post Office after Rocky Marciano. Rocky is the famous heavyweight champion who once lived in Brockton.

There are handicapped parking spaces right up front in the parking lot. Right next to the handicapped parking there is a ramp leading to the front entry door. The ramp is nice and wide and the slope is good and easy to wheel a wheelchair up or down on this ramp. The ramp has handles on both sides for safety.

I so was thrilled to see that this post office has AUTOMATIC DOORS! There are two sets of entry doors and they are both automatic going in and out of the post office. I mention this as I’ve been to places (believe it or not) that have an automatic door going in but not out. This Post Office in Brockton has both.

I had to get a stamp to mail out a letter. I waited in line and when I got to the front I bought my stamp. The counter is little high but the nice postal worker reached over so it’s still ok. The letter slot I noticed was high on the top slots but the bottom slots were good for someone in a wheelchair. You can always have your stamped mail sent by going to the window and a postal worker will take it for you or you can place it in a mail box located outside of the Post Office. The mail boxes are of a good height and most people will have no problems mailing out their letters.

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The nice postal worker told me that he had to ask his supervisor to see if I could take pictures at the post office. The supervisor gave us his approval to take the pictures. We got some nice pictures of this very wheelchair accessible US Post Office. I wish all US Post Offices were this wheelchair accessible.

I give the Brockton Post Office FIVE STARS for wheelchair accessibility. The Brockton Post Office should be proud as not many post offices get FIVE STARS for wheelchair accessibility but this Post office deserves it.