After having a nice lunch at Bella Piazza Cafe & Pizzeria on Main Street in Plymouth yesterday, I decided to check out the Plymouth Post Office to do a wheelchair accessibility review as the Plymouth Post Office is also located on Main Street.

Upon arriving at the Plymouth Post Office I saw that this Post Office has stairs leading to the main door. My friends and I looked around and did not see any wheelchair accessible ramps. Ric, my friend went in to the Post Office to ask a Postal Employee if the Post Office has accessibility for persons in wheelchairs. Elaine, a Postal Employee told Ric that there is NO wheelchair accessibility at this Post Office. Ric then asked her what does someone do who is in a wheelchair who needs to do some Postal business. Elaine told Ric that they would need to go to Long Pond Post Office in Plymouth which is a 10 minute drive by car.

Ric asked Elaine what would happen if someone in wheelchair has no means of transportation. She did not have an answer for that. Ric also asked her if a Postal Employee would be willing to come outside to help someone in a wheelchair who needed Postal services. Elaine said NO that they needed to go to Long Pond Post Office in Plymouth. Yet many persons in wheelchairs do not drive.

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The Fall River Post Office is also not wheelchair accessible yet a Fall River Postal Employee will come outside to help someone in a wheelchair complete their Postal transactions. I can’t understand why the Plymouth Post Office will not. The Taunton Post Office is also not wheelchair accessible yet their Postal Employees will help persons in wheelchairs complete their Postal transactions in the basement at the Taunton Post Office.

Kenny & co think that this Plymouth Post Office is in serious Violation of the ADA Accessibility Law by not providing an alternate means for a person in a wheelchair to complete their Postal business at this Post Office.

Kenny & co find it very hard to understand why some US Post Offices in historical buildings are very wheelchair accessible and some are not. Just this week we went to the Quincy Main Post Office which is in an historical building and it earned 5 Stars for wheelchair accessibility. Is it because the City of Quincy cares about making all buildings accessible to all and Cities of Taunton and Fall River and the Town of Plymouth just don’t care about the needs of the disabled?

I give the Plymouth Post Office ZERO STARS for wheelchair accessibility and if I had a Negative ZERO STAR rating I would give this Post Office Negative ZERO STARS. I find it really hard to understand why the Postal Employees at the Plymouth Post Office are not willing to come out to help a person in a wheelchair complete their Postal business.

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