Yesterday my friends and I decided to head to Plymouth for a nice relaxing lunch. While my friends and I were walking down Main Street we saw this nice little Cafe called Bella Piazza Café & Pizzeria so we went inside to have some lunch and do a wheelchair accessibility review of Bella’s.

The main door is wide enough for my wheelchair but didn’t have an automatic door so Josh, my friend held the door open for me to get in. Once inside I saw it was spacious and I had no problems moving my wheelchair around the Cafe.The Cafe is nicely decorated and has a nice fountain in the back. It looks newly redone and is very comfortable.

The Counter where you order your food is a good height for my wheelchair and I had no problems placing my order and then picking it up at this counter. There is another counter at the end but the small lower counter is at the beginning is a better height for my wheelchair.

Our order was taken and the man behind the counter was very nice and courteous to us all. The tables are of a perfect height for my wheelchair and I love the Granite table tops. I went into the restroom to see if it is wheelchair accessible and was happy to see that the restroom was large and had the required safety bars and the pipes under the accessible sink were covered as is ADA requirements. This Cafe was not required to be accessible per State Law as there are not 40 seats but it’s nice to see they did make it wheelchair accessible.

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I give Bella Piazza Café & Pizzeria FOUR STARS. They can earn the Fifth Star if they install an automatic door so someone in a wheelchair can go in on their own independently.