While in downtown Middleborogh last week, Ric, Amanda and I passed by Pushin Ink Tattoo. I thought this Tattoo parlor looked pretty cool and wanted to check it out. We saw a step leading to the front entry door which is not wheelchair accessible. Ric knocked on the door but it was closed. A friend later told us there is a wheelchair accessible entrance in the rear so we headed back on another day.

We parked in a handicap parking space located on the street close to the entry door. Once out of our van we headed to the rear of the shop. We noticed there are parking spaces in the rear; none are marked as handciap accessible. There is a wheelchair accessible sloped cement walkway leading to a rear entry door.

Ric opened the door for me because it’s not automatic. Upon entering we found ourselves in a hallway. Along the side wall of the hallway was a box labeled as ‘Biohazard Regulated Medical Waste’; this box has a cover and some red plastic lining was sticking out. Inside this box are used needles. It didn’t block my access for I was able to wheel along the side. Yet we didn’t think it is good to store a box with biohazard waste here in the hallway.

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Ric opened the rear door of Pushin Ink Tattoo. I tried to wheel my chair inside but couldn’t because there were a lot of items blocking my access. There is a desk to the left; a large chair to the right; and a large table/bed directly in the front; all preventing wheelchair access to the inside of this Tattoo parlor.

Amanda went inside and asked a male employee if someone in a wheelchair could come into the Tattoo parlor. The male employee told Amanda they will move all the items in the back only if a person in a wheelchair makes an appointment to get a tattoo.

I was disappointed because I wanted to look at all the designs available for a tattoo and ask about pricing for different designs. I’ve never gotten a tattoo but was thinking maybe it would be cool.

I give Pushin Ink Tattoo ONE STAR for wheelchair accessibility. In order to earn the other FOUR STARS they would need to place a sign in the front of the building stating there is wheelchair access in the rear; place a handicap parking space in the rear parking lot; install an automatic entry door so a person in a wheelchair can enter independently; move the boxes marked with ‘hazardous waste’ out of the hallway to a safer location; move the desk, chair and large table/bed that blocks wheelchair access at the rear entry door so a person in a wheelchair can enter this tattoo parlor at all times it is opened just like everyone else is able to.

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