Today I went to the Silver City Galleria Mall and went to Gymboree, a store for babies and children clothes. I usually don’t shop at stores for baby clothes but I wanted to buy something very special for Cole, my new baby cousin. Chrissy, my cousin was admitted to Woman’s and Infants Hospital with labor pains on the same day that I was admitted to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. (see that review). You can imagine the confusion in my family! Chrissy had a baby boy and named him Cole. He was 8 lbs. and 8 ozs. Chrissy and her husband, Jay are very proud parents and I am a very proud cousin.

The entrance to Gymboree is very wheelchair accessible for it has a wide entry that is open to the mall area. The aisles are narrow for there are shelves and racks of baby clothes hanging everywhere so I found it difficult to maneuver my wheelchair down the aisles to look for a perfect outfit that I wanted to buy for my new cousin. My wheelchair oftened brushed into the baby clothes on the racks. I did find an outfit that I think Baby Cole will love. The checkout counter was a good height for my wheelchair and I had no problem with purchasing the outfit.

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I give Gymboree FOUR STARS. They would need to rearrange the clothing racks and shelves in the store to make it more wheelchair accessible so us in wheelchairs can view all of the merchandise without bumping into racks and shelves of clothes. It would be more profitable for the store to do this since us in wheelchairs have babies to shop for too. Moms with babies also shop with babies in strollers which would need wider aisles too!