Thanksgiving is soon approaching and many of us will be shopping for turkeys so my friends and I traveled to Bongi’s Turkey Roost to see if it is wheelchair accessible and we were very disappointed at the lack of accessibility.

There is plenty of parking in the parking lot on the right side of the building; however, none of the parking spaces are posted as handicap parking. There is a main front entry door that is not accessible for there is a two inch step but a side door is accessible. Neither door is automatic so you will need with opening the door. I was in my manual wheelchair so my friend Kevin had to push my chair through the door while my friend Kellie, held the door open for us. I’ll be very happy when my new Power Chair arrives!

Once inside we traveled down a very narrow walkway that showcased some very appetizing meals, side dishes and sandwiches. The front service counter is located at the end of this walkway and it is where people get in line to place their order. The counter height is low enough for me to place my order and complete my transactions.

The main front entry door is located in this area but since it is not accessible my friends and I had to travel back down the narrow walkway to exit out the side door.

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We spoke with the owner regarding how inaccessible the store/business is. He told us that this building was built in the 1940’s when there were no regulations regarding accessibility. He told us that he does has future plans to make this building more wheelchair accessible, however due to the current economic crisis we are all facing he is unable to make the accessible renovations at this time. He was very kind and empathetic. He told us that persons with a disability who will need assistance with their shopping should call the store in advance and they will make immediate accommodations to assist all handicap individuals.

I give Bongi’s Turkey Roost ONE STAR for wheelchair accessibility. In order to earn the other Four Stars they would need to install automatic entry doors; widen the walkway; add handicap parking spaces in front of the building and replace the two inch step with an accessible threshold at the front entry door.