Today, I was driving by the Post Office in Dighton and noticed it had steps leading to the main entry door so I decided to stop and check it out for wheelchair accessibility. The Post Office has steps to the entry door, yet there is a wide cement wheelchair ramp with railings on both sides located at the side of the building. This ramp also leads to the main front entry door. There is a handicap parking space on the side of the building which is conveniently located next to the ramp.

There are two doors you will need help with opening in order to enter the post office for neither door is automatic. This surprised me for it is a new building. It is also difficult to enter the second door because there is a display close to the door and it is a tight squeeze to manuever a wheelchair around it. The counter inside is too high for a person in a wheelchair to complete their postal business/transaction. You may want to bring a friend to assist you at this post office.

I give the Dighton Post Office TWO STARS. They could earn the other Three Stars if they installed automatic doors at both the main entry door and second door to main post office, removed the display in front of second entry door and lowered a section of the counter so it is a good height for a person in a wheelchair to complete their postal business.

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