I decided to write a review my Quantum 600 Tilt and Space Power Wheelchair to let everyone know how great I think this chair is. My Quantum 600 power wheelchair allows me to be much more independent. When I don’t use my power chair I have to ask a friend to push me in my manual wheelchair as I am unable to wheel myself in a manual chair. My electric wheelchair has given me so much more independence. It’s hard to imagine this for most but getting to go independently from one place to another, even in my own home is a real pleasure.

My Quantum 600 has a great sitting system which was chosen for me with the help of my mom and a Physical Therapist. It’s the same seating system which is on my manual Tilt and Space wheelchair. I suggest all disable seek help from a Physical Therapist to help choose the best seating system for their medical needs. My Wheelchair also have a great Roho seat cushion which helps prevent pressure sores and can even allow pressure sores to heal while sitting. It has air inside of it. You can find out more about the Roho seat cushions at http://www.therohogroup.com/. My doctor ordered a pressure mapping test of me sitting on different wheelchair seat cushions and the results showed that the Roho was the best one which relieved pressure for me. The pressure mapping test was well worth the money as this test is not covered by most health care coverage nor does Medicaid or Medicare cover this test. I wish they would as this very important for anyone who has a tendency to pressure sores and needs to be in a wheelchair all day.

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The Quantum 600 Power Chair that I have is also a Tilt in Space wheelchair. This chair is excellent for anyone who is able to use a hand control. This chair not only gives me more independence in moving my wheelchair from place to place but it allows me to relieve pressure from sitting all day. It’s fully automatic and if you can use a hand control that is all you will need to be able to tilt yourself when you want. The control handle is very easy to use.

This chair can also tilt forward slightly which makes transfering in and out of the chair easier for me. The picture to the left shows the chair in a slightly tilted forward position. You will have no problem getting from one place to another as this chair can turn in place which makes it much easier to get into some tight places and the turn in place feature makes it easy on some tight turns as well.

Another feature I like about this chair that most don’t even think about is that I am taller in this wheelchair because it is higher than most manual wheelchairs. I like being up a little higher so I can meet and talk to people without them having to look so far down at me. You are not at eye level but it’s a lot better than most manual wheelchairs. You can also have this wheelchair fitted with a device that hooks up on the bottom of you chair. This hook can lock into place in a wheelchair van. This feature eliminates the need for the straps and hooks that hold most chairs into place. I don’t have this feature but I thought I’d mention it for anyone that wants to look into it. You can click on the web site above for more details on all the features this wheelchair offers and also locate a provider in your area.

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The Quantum 600 Power Chair can be put into manual mode so someone can push it for you. It comes in handy if you find your battery power is low or if you are tired and just want to take a short break. Just remember to plug your wheelchair into the battery charger every night. I also have wireless remote control that can turn off my power chair. I have this control as a safety feature. It is attached to a chain on the back of my chair that my friends or family can easily access it in case they need to stop my chair in a hurry. The reason I have this wireless remote control for safety is because I do have some sight impairments and sometimes come close to bumping into things. This is only used as a safety feature and my friends usually only need to use this in places that are new. In places I’m familiar with I have no problems maneuvering my power chair.

Kathleen Kenny, my wonderful and caring vision mobility specialist did a lot of special visual mobility training with me using my power chair in my home and in public place.

The seatbelt on my Quantum 600 Power Chair is safely fastened to my wheelchair frame with a flat metal mount. The screw goes thru metal to the metal wheelchair frame and the seat belt passes through hardware eliminating any possibility of my seatbelt ripping off my chair. It doesn’t have a screw/bolt thru the seatbelt webbing as my manual wheelchair once did so there is no chance of my seatbelt on my Quatum Power Wheelchair ripping off my wheelchair as it once did on my manual wheelchair.

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I give the Quantum 600 Tilt and Space Power Wheelchair FIVE STARS. The independence it gives me is wonderful.