My roommate and good friend Josh goes home to visit his family every weekend. Last night his sister called my friends and I to let us know that she and her mom took Josh to Jordan Hospital Emergency Department to be checked out for a minor injury. We all got in the van and headed to Jordon for we wanted to see Josh and give him some support. Josh came to give me support when I was in Beth Israel Deaconess Center and I wanted to do the same for him. I decided to do a review of Jordon Hospital Emergency Department for wheelchair accessibility at the same time of my visit.

The hospital has automatic doors that are wide enough for my wheelchair to enter. The receptionist was very nice to me and directed me to a room off to the side where Josh was waiting for an X ray. Josh was happy to see me. He was sitting in a wheelchair and he mentioned he liked it because it was like mine. I asked Josh how they were treating him and he said that they were fine. When it was time for him to have his X-ray, the staff were nice and let his sister and his mom go in with him. Great News is that Josh is alright!!

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There is a main restroom located in the Emergency Department that has a handicap stall yet it is kind of small for my wheelchair. I suggest anyone in a wheelchair to ask staff to direct you to the restroom which is a single room with plenty of space for a wheelchair and caretakers.

When we entered Jordon Emergency Department, it seemed like a ghost town and staffing seemed to be at a bare minimum. I did some research and found out that they have been laying off staff and it seems that they may be having some issues. I was told that recently many of the issues have been publicized in the local newspapers. I asked some people who were waiting in the waiting room how long have they been waiting during there stay and the average was about 2 hours. One person commented that it can go from one extreme to the other.

Jordan Hospital Emergency Department gets FIVE STARS for wheelchair accessibility. But I only give Jordon Emergency Department THREE STARS for service. In order to earn the other Two Stars, they need to hire more staffing to ensure all of their patients receive timely and excellent care.