Recently, my mom, Ric, Tony and I headed to Kirsten Hall at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC )because I had an appointment for a Mask Fitting for my new Bi-Pap machine. I decided to post an accessibility review of Kirsten Hall because fellow patients have commented that my accessibility reviews of the buildings at BIDMC have been very helpful; even for patients not in wheelchairs. You can find my other BIDMC reviews by clicking on my category Hospital. I was pleased to find Kirsten Hall very wheelchair accessible as are all the buildings at BIDMC!

Upon arriving we parked our van in one of the handicap parking spaces inside the parking garage located next to the main entrance of BIDMC on Brookline Avenue. There is a push button automatic door leading from the parking garage to the main lobby of BIDMC.

We proceeded to the main lobby and then exited the main lobby through automatic doors; once outside we crossed the pedestrian crosswalk with the help of a kind security officer which led us to Kirsten Hall. Here we proceeded up a cement accessible sloped walkway with railings on both sides which led us to the side entry door of Kristen Hall.

We later discovered that you can gain easier access to Kirsten Hall directly from the main lobby of BIDMD with no need to go outside. Just park in the main parking garage; proceed to the main lobby; take the elevator to 2nd floor; follow signs to the bridge; and then follow signs to Kristen Hall.

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Once arriving at the exterior side entry door of Kirsten Hall, Ric held the door open while Tony pushed my manual chair inside. Once inside, we found ourselves in a small foyer and then entered Kirsten Hall through double sliding entry doors which are my favorite kind of automatic entry doors for as soon as you approach they slide wide open.

We took an elevator to the lower level where the offices of Mask Fitting are located. Signs are clearly posted directing you to the offices of the Mask Fitting. Upon arriving we were warmly greeted by Jen, very kind and compassionate Respiratory Therapist who took us to the room for my Mask Fitting.

Jen let me try on all kind of masks for my Bi-pap machine and let me choose the mask most comfortable for me. My two friends, Ric and Tony asked if they could try some masks to see how comfortable they are and she kindly agreed! Check out how silly they both look in this picture:-) LOL!

When we were ready to leave Jen told us the best way to get back to the parking garage without going outside is to take the elevator up to the 2nd floor; cross over the bridge; take the elevator down to the main level of the lobby; and follow signs for the parking garage. We found this way much easier and even stopped for a delicious lunch in the main Café located on the 2nd floor.

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I give Kirsten Hall at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center FIVE STARS for wheelchair accessibility. Jen, my Respiratory Therapist who fit my mask also deserves FIVE STARS for her professionalism, kindness and sensitivity. Thank you Jen!!