A few weeks ago I went to the Apple Store in Boston to see if they had a new iPad on display. I was really impressed with the wheelchair accessibility of the Boston Apple Store’s ultra modern building and all the accessibility features Apple offers on their advanced technology. There I learned that Apple’s latest piece of tech, the iPad; similar to the iTouch but with a ten inch screen, wireless keyboard compatible and other features will be available to order on March 12th. The ten inch screen will help me see what’s on the screen easier because I’m visually impaired.

Friday March 12th, the first day an iPad could be ordered, my mom, Kevin and I went to the Apple Store at South Shore Plaza in Braintree to pre-order an iPad. Of course while we were here we assessed this Apple Store for its wheelchair accessibility and were delighted to find it a very wheelchair friendly and accessible store to shop.

There’s plenty of handicap parking spaces close to all entrances located in the South Shore Plaza parking lot. It’s probably best to enter by the Macy’s entrance for the Apple Store is close by.

The glass doors at this Apple Store’s entrance are kept wide open during store hours. Inside is spacious with plenty of room to maneuver my chair; all the counters where the computers, iPhones, iPods etc. are set on are all at a good height for my wheelchair; I could easily fit my chair and was able to reach and try out the Apple products on display.

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There’s a cool kids section with small desks and chairs for kids to use Apple Computers and play games that are of a perfect accessible height for small kids.

We first approached the Genius Bar to ask for assistance; this counter is a little high but a really nice Apple employee came around the counter to help me. This kind employee took me to one of their Mac computers on display which was very accessible for me.

The Apple employee was very kind, courteous and helpful; he told me about all the information on the iPad and its accessories. We discovered the iPad is also available with advanced 3G capabilities; without a WI-FI connection the 3G model is able to access internet anywhere feeding off the satellite. He then helped me place my pre-order for my iPad with WI FI and 3G which will be delivered to my home in late April! I’m so excited about my new iPad:-)

Surprisingly, the store has a restroom which is spacious, wheelchair accessible and fully ADA compliant. The accessible sink if of a perfect accessible height; the faucet, soap and towel dispenser is easily within my reach; and the water bubbler has a lowered one for a customer in a wheelchair to reach. The door leading to the restrooms and water bubbler is almost like a secret entrance because it blends in with the store’s wall color.

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Once again I had a great experience at an Apple Store. I give this Apple Store in Braintree FIVE STARS for wheelchair accessibility. The employees all deserve FIVE STARS for being courteous, kind and helpful.