My mom, friends and I went to The Bottle Shop in Middleboro to purchase all the ingredients for my friends, Jamie & Crew’s favorite Christmas drink call the ‘Christmas Glogg’.

Jamie & crew recently invited me to a Christmas party at their home and I had a cup of this wonderful ‘Christmas Glogg’ and loved it so I am going to make it to bring to my family’s Christmas dinner at my parents home on Christmas.

I published Jamie & crew’s recipe for the ‘Christmas Glogg’ at the end of this review for those of you who may want to try it. I caution you to just have one if you are driving!

I was pleased to see that The Bottle Shop is wheelchair accessible and only needs to make a few minor changes. There are two handicap parking spaces located right in front of the sidewalk access and once on the sidewalk it is easy to get to the front entry door. Ric, my friend had to hold the entry door open for me while I drove my power chair through for it is not an automatic entry door. It is wide enough for my wheelchair to fit though and I got in with ease.

Once inside I noticed that all the employees are very friendly and greeted me warmly. They are willing to help all customers with your liquor list. They helped my mom, friends and me find all the ingredients I needed for my ‘Christmas Glogg’.I did find that some of the aisles are very narrow but I managed to access all aisles except for the few that have boxes of items displayed at the ends. The cashier counter is of a good height for any size wheelchair and it would be easy to complete a transaction from your chair. My mom treated me to all the ingredients for our ‘Christmas Glogg’ today so I didn’t need to pay.

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While I was here we bought a bottle of wine as a Christmas gift for a very good friend and the employee nicely gift wrapped the bottle of wine for me free of charge!

I give The Bottle Shop THREE STARS for wheelchair accessibility. In order to earn the other Two Stars they would need to install an automatic entry door; remove the displays away from the ends of the aisles that block wheelchair access and slightly widen the aisles so wheelchair access is easier. I give the employees at The Bottle Shop FIVE STARS for helping me to find all the ingredients and for courteous and friendly service.