Sunday I went to the Emergency Department at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center which is located on the West Clinical Center because of respiratory problems. The last time I was at the Emergency Department (ED) at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center – Clinical Building -West Campus was in May of 2008; after auto accident when I was diagnosed with abdominal hematoma. I’ve reviewed most buildings at BIDMC and find all are very accessible and ADA compliant. All my doctors and staff at BIDMC are very caring, compassionate and respectful.You can find my other BIDMC reviews by clicking on my category Hospital.

There are plenty of handicap parking spaces in the ED parking lot close to the entry door; all doors are automatic and plenty wide enough for wheelchairs and stretchers. The information, check-in and ER receptionist countertop are of a perfect accessible height. ED beds automatically elevate or decline which allows for easy transferring. The sinks in all ED rooms are of an accessible height; pipes underneath are covered as ADA required; the faucet, soap and hand towel dispenser are easily within my reach. The public restrooms are spacious, accessible and fully ADA compliant.

Nina, my ER doctor, Jim, my nurse, all the technicians and transporters were very kind, sensitive, compassionate and respectful.. They all looked directly at me when they spoke to me and patiently waited until they understood what I said. Nina told me she had a brother who was physically disabled; she was exceptionally sensitive, caring and understanding of my needs. All the staff at BIDMC were absolutely wonderful. They understood my fears and allowed my family and friends to provide a little comic relief while I waited for the CT Scan results.

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They kindly allowed my friend Tony to come in with me for my chest x-ray. They also let my mom stay with me during my CT Scan. Having my mom and Tony with me during these tests really helped me relax. I was told I was most cooperative patient of the day:-)

While waiting for the test results, we were remembering the 1998 movie ‘Patch Adams’ starring Robin Williams; it was based on a true story about a doctor with a good heart who truly believes in the Healing Power of Laughter. My friends, family and I truly believe in the Healing Power of Laughter; plus the doctors have told me numerous times that laughing helps increase my respiratory functions and oxygen.

All my doctors and the staff at BIDMC remind me of Patch Adams because they allow a little humor and laughter; I think they also believe in the Healing Power of Laughter. The staff allowed us to laugh and make the best of a scary experience for me. My friends took a video of our visit: Healing Power of Laughter.

As always Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center deserves FIVE STARS PLUS for the compassionate and expert care they provide to all their patients. Thank-You BIDMC!