I was heading to the Kiss 108 Concert at Tweeter Center on Sunday to enjoy the music and write a more recent wheelchair accessibility review of The Tweeter Center. I’ve gone to the Kiss 108 Concert for the past ten years and love it. (see my past review on The Tweeter Center). My van was involved in a three vehicle auto accident just a mile from The Tweeter Center. The van’s seatbelt that was around my wheelchair popped open and my wheelchair seatbelt ripped off the screw on my wheelchair so I went flying out of my wheelchair and was injured. My aunt was following us in her car and called 911. Local paramedics came and got me out of the van. The paramedics were very kind and caring. They put me in an ambulance and took me to the closest area hospital where I underwent some tests and was sent home.

Two days later, my friends took me to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Emergency Room because I was still having some pain. I underwent some tests and was admitted to the Trauma Unit. All my doctors are located at this wonderful hospital and I’ve been coming here for many years. The hospital is very wheelchair accessible. The corridors are all very wide and almost every door is automatic. All the restrooms are very wheelchair accessible. My room is very spacious and nice.

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The nurses, doctors, technicians and staff are all very attentive, sensitive, kind and caring. I especially like the way they speak directly to me. They have all treated me with the utmost sensitivity, dignity and respect. My cousin, Liz just became a nurse and she came to visit me yesterday and told me that she was very impressed with the wonderful care that I’m receiving.

As soon as I am well enough and out of the hospital, I will be traveling back on the road to write some more wheelchair accessibility reviews. Nicole’s and Jamie and Crew’s reviews will still be posted while I’m in the hospital. As for a review of The Kiss 108 Concert, I will have to wait until next year.

All my doctors are at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC). I’ve written reviews of all the buildings at BIDMC which you can find by clicking on my category Hospital.

I give Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Emergency Department and Clinical Center FIVE STARS for wheelchair accessibility and FIVE STARS for the great care I am receiving here.