Ric, Kate and I decided to take a ride on the “T” from Lakeville to Boston because we wanted to do a wheelchair accessibility review of the “T”. We purchased tickets at Stars Country Market in Lakeville . The cost for a round trip ticket was $15.50 per person. I think it would probably have cost less money for gas if we drove to Boston. No discounts are offered to the disabled. Upon arrival we noted plenty of handicap parking spaces in the front row. We parked right up front. We were surprised that the Lakeville “T” parking lot handicap parking spaces were not free parking even with our handicap placard as it is at many public places.

We proceeded to the deck to wait for the train. Once the train arrived the conductor came right out with a wheelchair ramp. I noticed the doors automatically opened up. This wheelchair ramp attaches to the train from the deck and you wheel your wheelchair right inside. Once inside I had plenty of room in the handicap area for my Quantum Tilt and Space Power, which is larger than a standard sized wheelchair and my friends. (See my review of Quantum Tilt and Space Power Wheelchair). The conductor was very courteous, helpful and nice to me. He took our tickets. The ride up to Boston was smooth and peaceful.

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Upon our arrival into Boston the conductor once again came out to our section and put the wheelchair ramp in place for my wheelchair. My friends and I got off the train with no problems at all and we went into South Station (see my South Station review).

After spending sometime at South Station and seeing a little of Boston we caught the “T” home and we once again were greeted by the conductor and he set up the ramp for us to get onto the Train. We did have some noisy guests on the train ride home but they got off in Brockton so we did have some peace and quiet after that. Once our train got to the Lakeville “T” Station I drove my wheelchair down the wheelchair ramp and we were on our way home.

I give the “T” FIVE STARS for wheelchair accessibility. It would be really nice if the “T” had discounted tickets for the disabled and free handicap parking spaces especially since many disabled living in the community are on limited budgets.