We went to South Station in Boston today after our ride on the “T” from Lakeville to Boston. (See our review of the “T”). Since we were here we decided to do a wheelchair accessibility review! I really enjoyed being at South Station for I’ve never been here before.

Upon arrival to South Station we were happy to see they have automatic doors at entrances. They also have wheelchair accessible ramps in the front and the back of the building. We enjoyed our time at South Station because they had much to offer and a lot more there then we expected to see.

They had a food court and some stores for shopping like a flower shop. They also had a bakery, a candy store and a bank. South Station also has a Boston Red Sox store. I love the Red Sox and The Yankees too (See my Review of The Red Sox Yankee Game I attended)

The restrooms were perfect for my wheelchair. It had a great handicap stall and an accessible sink. The pipes under the sinks had protective covering over them as is now ADA required. The tables in the food court were a little too short for my wheelchair. It was uncomfortable for it was tight for my legs to fit under the tables. We got our lunch at the Master Wok in the food court. The food is typical fast Chinese food you find at many food courts. There are a lot more choices of food there too.


South Station in Boston is very spacious and easy to maneuver a wheelchair all around. It is somewhat crowded with a lot of people but still easy to get around. I think many come to South Station just to shop or eat lunch and not just to catch a train.

They also have an elevator that disabled and persons in wheelchairs can take to go down to the subway to get outside to Boston. We took it today and got to see a little more of Boston. You can also get to the airport from South Station on the subway at South Station.

I give South Station FOUR STARS for wheelchair accessibility. South Station in Boston can earn the other Star if they placed some tables at the food court that are of a better height for wheelchairs to fit at. Otherwise South Station in Boston is very wheelchair accessible.